TDM for Schools Coordinator


  Years of Experience: 3

  Years at Foursquare ITP: < 1

Noah Hansen (they/them) is currently serving as goDCgo’s Schools Outreach Coordinator and works with all schools public, private, and charter in Washington, DC. Noah specializes in Transportation Demand Management (TDM) and comes to Foursquare ITP and goDCgo with experience launching and operating a comprehensive TDM program at a PK-12 private school in DC. Noah brings their excitement for all things sustainable transportation and works with schools and other education stakeholders in DC to promote sustainable transportation with exciting events, incentives, and more.

Having worked in school operations, Noah knows the constraints, pressure, and work that go into helping a school community transition to more sustainable mode. Noah brings this background to all of their work with clients and works with schools to help better contextualize the transportation program at any school, and what strategies may be most effective at getting people to try another mode of transportation.


B.A., Political Science, Environmental Policy, Urban Studies
University of Minnesota-Twin Cities