Boris is passionate about improving mobility in communities across the country by developing intuitive accessible, and reliable transit services.

Boris Palchik has more than 20 years of experience in the transit field. He has developed service plans for both large and small transit systems with a focus on improving ridership and system productivity. Boris takes a holistic approach to service development by addressing route and schedule issues, as well as the overall passenger experience in terms of wayfinding, data availability, and service environments. At Foursquare ITP, Boris focuses primarily on COAs and TDPs. He also specializes in microtransit planning, schedule run-cutting, and site-specific transit planning for airports, universities, and other large campuses. Boris’ key projects at Foursquare ITP include the Bloomington Transit Route Optimization Study, Charlottesville Area Transit Development Plan, and the Utah Transit Authority Microtransit Simulation Project.


Master of City and Regional Planning
University of Texas at Arlington

Bachelor of Civil Engineering
University of Texas at Austin