Senior Transportation Planner

  301.774.4566 x414

  Years of Experience: 5

  Years at Foursquare ITP: 5

Andrew Campbell is a senior transportation planner with a focus on transit data analysis, GIS analysis, and visualization. His work combines quantitative and spatial data analysis with graphic design to visualize solutions to difficult transit questions. At Foursquare ITP, he has worked on a wide range of projects, including Title VI service equity analysis for transit system redesigns; transit flow and gap analysis using Foursquare ITP’s transit propensity model and travel flow data; visualizing travel patterns from regional travel models; processing APC/AVL data for a variety of transit systems; and interactive web maps on the District Department of Transportation’s Multimodal transportation website.


M.U.S.A Urban Spatial Analytics
University of Pennsylvania

B.S. Architecture
University of Maryland, College Park