At Foursquare ITP we believe that learning from and sharing our knowledge with others in the industry is a key part of achieving our vision of better communities through leadership in transportation planning. In recent years, we have had the pleasure of presenting our work at the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting, the American Planning Association National and local conferences, Rail~Volution, National Association of City Transportation Officials conferences, Better Bike Share conferences, the Institute of Transportation Engineers local conferences, and the Women’s Transportation Seminar National conference, among others.

We look forward to seeing our colleagues and friends throughout the year and at the following upcoming events:





July 31—August 3, 2022

Chicago, IL

Danelle Carey, MPA and Samantha Huff – Presenting: Maximize Your Marketing: Utilizing Partnerships, Segmentation & Incentives to Create Behavior Change

July 31—August 3, 2022

Chicago, IL

Samantha Huff – Presenting: How to Establish and Implement a TDM Ordinance

August 710, 2022

Pittsburgh, PA

Sandy Brennan – Presenting: An Equity Framework for Service Planning in a Post-COVID World

September 1921, 2022

Washington, DC

Reinaldo Germano – Presenting: Engagement and Evaluation Tools in Developing and Ranking Alternative Scenarios – The Case of the East-West and North-South Corridors in Central Maryland