Advancing the state-of-the-art in transportation planning with data science.

Foursquare ITP is at the forefront of using data and visualization to advance transportation planning. As the volume and complexity of data grows at even the smallest of public agencies, transportation planning firms need the skills and tools to leverage this data for insights and action. Our Transportation Data Science Team brings all aspects of data science to the transportation planning world, from complex data analysis to web applications to interactive visualizations. We develop internal tools to improve the quality and depth of work on every Foursquare ITP project, while also using our advanced skills to tackle our client’s data science problems and to build customized web applications and dashboards to monitor service performance, assess transit and market trends, and check the quality of service planning and operations outputs.

Transportation Data Science Team information sheet

Key Staff

Service Offerings

  • Interactive web apps and tools for transit planning and operations
  • Use of code to automate and improve data processing, data cleaning, and analysis
  • Development of customizable templates for data processing, visualization, and web apps
  • Development of dashboards to view historic and real-time datasets
  • Statistical analysis to evaluate system performance