Using creative thinking and collaboration, we develop implementable service planning solutions for our clients based on big data and public/stakeholder input.

Foursquare ITP is at the forefront of using transit and market data, along with robust public input, to develop implementable and successful service recommendations. We have developed our own service planning tools and methodologies that allow for efficiencies in project time and budget but also enable clients and the public to understand the realities of transit utilization and service planning decisions. We have developed these plans in a broad range of contexts, from large metropolitan areas with robust rail systems to small college and rural towns with few other transit options. We employ a data-driven and collaborative approach to transit planning that utilizes analysis of complex datasets, quantitative assessment that uses a wide range of public stakeholder engagement inputs, and use of our in-house service planning tools and calculators. This allows us to deliver service plans that not only appeal to transit riders and potential users, but are also operationally implementable and feasible.

Transit Service Planning information sheet

Key Staff

Service Offerings

  • Transit system redesigns
  • Transit development plans (TDPs)
  • Comprehensive operational analysis (COAs)
  • Route optimization studies
  • Bus rapid transit (BRT) service development
  • Rail and BRT feeder bus plans
  • Targeted area service plans
  • Scenario Planning
  • Fixed-route and flexible service planning
  • Microtransit service planning
  • Title VI service equity analysis