We bridge the gap between plans and their practical implementation, working with transit operations staff and on the details of scheduling service, managing and procuring transit fleets, and optimizing operational systems and controls.

At Foursquare ITP, we apply our extensive experience in transit service planning and organizational strategic planning to the everyday challenges of providing effective transit operations and personnel management. Our direct work with transit operators, trainers, supervisors, schedulers, IT, and maintenance staff allows us to translate ideas and plan into actions that are implementable and supported by those who will need to execute the plan.

Transit Operations information sheet

Service Leads

Service Offerings

  • Comprehensive Operational Analysis (COA)
  • Schedule Development and Implementation Support
  • GTFS Development
  • Bus Stop Services (Standards, Optimization, Design, Management Systems)
  • Fleet Plans
  • Passenger Information Materials (Design, Distribution)
  • Operations Oversight and Assistance
  • RFP Development and Procurement Support
  • Bus Operator Outreach and Engagement