We provide data-driven and context-sensitive solutions for designing transit stations and help agencies improve access to transit.

Our deep understanding of transit service planning and our station capacity analysis capabilities allow us to accurately inform station and transfer center designs and ensure that the passenger experience is of the highest quality both inside and outside stations. We leverage our experience and utilize custom-developed tools to right-size bus transfer facilities and conduct passenger capacity analyses inside rail stations of all sizes.

Key Staff

Service Offerings

  • Bus Transfer Center Capacity Analysis
  • Bus Circulation Plans
  • Internal Station Capacity Analysis
  • NFPA 130 Station Evacuation Analysis
  • Multimodal Station Access Evaluations
  • Station Walkshed Analysis
  • O&M Facility Planning

[President & CEO] Lora [Byala] attracts the brightest and most passionate stars onto her team. Every one of them is (and I say this with affection and love) a wonky, geeky but fun transportation professional. They all get it. And they feed off of each other. And when they are in the room they lift the game of your team too. That’s what’s so cool. They helped us see our organization in a different, more important light. And with that we were able to imagine and do great things as a result. They made us look damn good and professional – because they were!

Chris Hamilton, Former Bureau Chief, Arlington County Commuter Services