We know from experience that multi-jurisdictional cooperation is crucial to planning at the regional, statewide, and corridor levels.

We build consensus around a strategic vision and use scenario-based planning and prioritization models to meet established goals and objectives in our efforts. Whether it’s a statewide transit plan, a regional transportation vision plan, or a corridor study centered on high capacity transit, we apply our data-driven and stakeholder input processes to develop actionable and achievable results.

Key Staff

Planning Services

  • Long Range Transportation Plans
  • Transportation Vision Plans
  • Transportation Needs Assessments
  • Alternatives Analysis
  • Multimodal Corridor Plans
  • Bus Rapid Transit Planning
  • Bus Service Integration Planning for Rail Corridors
  • Statewide Transportation Plans
  • Planning Transit Along Managed Lanes
  • Performance Measurement and Reporting Systems
  • Stakeholder, Inter- and Intra-Agency Coordination