Foursquare ITP has been at the forefront of planning for new mobility over the past decade, including microtransit and micromobility, and incorporating these modes with existing transit systems.

Our work in micromobility began in 2012 when we completed the nation’s first development plan and system evaluation for an existing bike share program, Arlington County, Virginia’s Capital Bikeshare. Since then, we have worked on over a dozen micromobility feasibility studies, expansion plans, and funding plans in the United States and Canada. In microtransit, Foursquare ITP has led the development of microtransit plans ranging from system-wide assessments to implementation-oriented plans for individual pilots. We have also conducted research for TCRP and the National Center for Applied Transit Technology that documented and evaluated the ways transit systems and jurisdictions are integrating on-demand transit, mobility hubs, mobility-as-a-service, and more to achieve positive outcomes for their riders. Our work in new mobility covers communities of every size.

New Mobility information sheet

Key Staff

Service Offerings

  • On-demand transit market analysis and plans
  • On-demand transit performance measurement
  • New mobility and transit integration
  • Micromobility feasibility and market studies
  • Micromobility business planning and funding model development
  • Micromobility strategic and/or expansion planning for existing programs
  • Strategic and financial planning for new mobility and automated vehicle implementation
  • Curbside management strategy
  • Mobility management planning
  • Best practices and research