Geographic information systems (GIS) play a critical role in Foursquare ITP's work. From the modeling of transportation networks to understanding access to transit or active transportation infrastructure, GIS delivers powerful insights throughout the planning process.

Finding effective ways to visualize geospatial data and analyses is as important as conducting robust technical analyses. Our GIS team ensures that whether for the development of a project-specific basemap to the depiction of findings, all data collection, creation and analysis exceeds expectations of quality and accuracy. Foursquare ITP uses various platforms and tools to communicate and engage with the public, stakeholders, and agency staff, including ArcGIS software, Adobe InDesign, WordPress, OpenTripPlanner, and Shiny.

In addition to executing analyses for our clients, the GIS team develops and conducts trainings across a variety of topics. We pride ourselves on our ability to synthesize complex subjects into training modules for planners at all levels, from trainings that introduce GIS theory to in-depth trainings on conducting multimodal network analyses.


Key Staff