We approach our work with innovation, creative thinking, and an understanding of key requirements that not only are necessary to maintain funding but are also core to our belief in equity for all communities. We assist our clients with developing and implementing their Title VI programs, ranging from program updates for large, multimodal agencies to brand new programs for agencies that have just passed the requirements threshold.

Our work on projects governed by National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) spans full Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) to Environmental Assessments to Documented Categorical Exclusions, where we cover a range of topics including environmental justice and community impacts analysis, transportation impacts, and public hearing staff reports. We also assist our clients with federal grant management for transportation projects and in their pursuits of discretionary grants from the federal and state levels.

Key Staff

Compliance Area Services

  • Title VI Program Development
  • Language Access Plans
  • Disparate Impact/Disproportionate Burden Policies
  • Service Standards and Monitoring Policies
  • Title VI Service and Fare Equity Analysis
  • Environmental Justice Analysis
  • NEPA Analysis for EIS, EA, DCE
  • Grant Management
  • Federal Grant Performance Measurement
  • Grant Writing