We translate complex transportation projects into easy-to-understand visuals that grab public and stakeholder attention. 

In creating maps, infographics, diagrams, renderings, and illustrations to communicate project elements, Foursquare ITP takes pride in clarifying and translating those elements to make the project easily understandable to the public and project stakeholders. For example, while many transit projects require supporting GIS maps, Foursquare ITP goes even further by specializing in stylized maps and diagrams that help communicate complex network characteristics.  

For projects that involve urban and streetscape design, Foursquare ITP specializes in 3D models that clearly communicate the design and construction of various project elements. The resulting renderings and illustrations are particularly useful visual aids for public and stakeholder meetings by quickly answering questions that individuals may have about a project’s proposed components.  

In striving to make each project easy to understand, Foursquare ITP’s Design and Visualization team ensures all stakeholders can quickly intuit how they will benefit from the project.  

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