Our strong transit planning capabilities and transit market assessment tools enable us to understand how people use and access a corridor and design services that can effectively serve it.

We use market assessment and service planning techniques to conduct scenario-based planning to maximize the effectiveness of alternatives toward meeting established goals and objectives in our corridor study efforts. Whether it’s a corridor study centered on a high capacity transit alternatives analysis, identifying segments where investment in priority treatments should occur, or configuring local services to support the corridor’s activities, we apply our data-driven and stakeholder input processes to develop actionable results for the next study phase or implementation.

Corridor Planning information sheet

Service Leads

Service Offerings

  • Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) studies
  • High capacity transit feasibility studies
  • Priority treatment (transit signal priority, bus only lanes, bus on shoulder, queue jumps, etc.) analyses
  • Commuter and Express Bus service planning
  • Managed lanes bus planning
  • Alternative analyses and operations planning for various modes