All travel begins by walking or bicycling, be it a stroll to the corner bus stop or bike trip across town to work. Creating robust, safe, and vibrant multi-modal transportation systems starts by investing in active transportation.

Bike Share (and related shared mobility services) form the core focus of our active transportation planning work. We understand the intricacies of developing a bike share system and we assist clients in multiple stages of the planning process, from developing initial feasibility studies to helping guide the growth and development of existing systems. As we are not affiliated with any bike share system operator or equipment vendor, we can provide our clients truly objective assistance in developing a bike share program. Our work to date has supported over $30 million in funding for new and established bike share programs.

Foursquare ITP’s active transportation work does not end with bike share. We assist clients in identifying gaps in their bicycle and pedestrian networks and better plan for first/last mile connections to transit. Our team provides assistance in planning for complete streets, creating conceptual design for bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure, and supporting pedestrian safety initiatives.

Service Lead

Service Offerings

  • Bike share feasibility and market studies
  • Bike share business planning and funding model development
  • Bike share strategic and/or expansion planning for existing programs
  • Pedestrian and bicycle system planning
  • Planning for first/last mile connections to transit