Foursquare ITP has been engaged by JTA to develop a comprehensive set of operational dashboards as well as applications that support QA/QC of schedules, GTFS feeds, and transit center capacity. Amid a shortage of operators and its use of complex interlining, JTA faced a series of on-time performance challenges, especially for on-time departures from transit centers.

Foursquare ITP’s QA/QC tools help scheduling teams identify too-short layovers, bus bay capacity challenges, and other runtime issues that can affect on-time performance. The operational dashboards under development by Foursquare ITP will also help to track improvements and ongoing areas of concern. Other aspects of Foursquare ITP’s QA/QC suite help to ensure quality GTFS feeds to improve customer service and the quality of data sent to tools like Swiftly.

Solutions and Outcomes
  • Developed a web-based dashboard that JTA planning staff can use to identify operational issues in their current schedules and know where to implement changes.
  • Created the ability for planning staff to manage, compare, and validate their GTFS feeds so that customers can have more reliable information.