Foursquare ITP worked with Virginia’s Office of Intermodal Planning and Investment (OIPI) as part of an integrated multi-team effort to update Virginia’s statewide Multimodal Transportation Plan (VMTP). Our work on the VMTP took place in three phases: the identification of Urban Development Areas (UDAs) and their transportation needs throughout the Commonwealth, a needs assessment and prioritization of needs, and the development of project recommendations to meet the prioritized needs.

In the first phase, Foursquare ITP developed a baseline understanding of the status of designated Urban Development Areas in urban, rural and suburban communities across Virginia; this research provided a single, recent, consistent summary and database covering the updated planning status, diverse characteristics, and anticipated future conditions of designated UDAs and other locally designated growth areas in the state, which previously did not exist. In the needs assement, our team helped facilitate regional stakeholder forums to solicit input on and prioritize identified multi-modal transportation needs. For the regional forums, Foursquare ITP developed high-level visuals to help stakeholders – including MPOs, transit agencies, and local planners – prioritize multi-modal transportation needs in their jurisdictions. Foursquare ITP also led the development of an executive summary of regional and statewide transportation need identification and prioritization for the VMTP. In the final phase of our work on the VMTP, we identified projects (including existing and potential new projects) as well as policy changes to meet the identified “Tier 1” prioritized needs for implementation by 2025 for the VDOT Staunton District.