The towns of Bedford, Burlington, and Lexington are served by limited local and express bus routes provided by the MBTA. Each of the three towns also operates local service to supplement the limited MBTA and other regional services. Despite the public transportation options that are available to residents of these three communities, unmet needs still exist. The towns receive requests for longer hours of operation, more frequent service, or different types of service than currently offered. The needs of commuters for transit options to reach jobs in the region—perhaps during 2nd or 3rd shift hours—and increasing needs of older adults, put pressure on the existing systems. Other challenges include ridership decreases on fixed route services, the cost of providing service, and constrained funding sources. This study presented an opportunity to review and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of existing municipal services and to pinpoint current and anticipated service gaps and overlaps. Using that information and input from stakeholders and residents of the three communities, Foursquare ITP identified opportunities for improving or enhancing services through operational changes, coordination or consolidation, and/or new levels or types of services. At the conclusion of the project, our team provided leaders of Bedford, Burlington, and Lexington with documentation of the performance of the existing services and preferences among residents and stakeholders for service improvements as well as a plan to guide the implementation of selected service changes.