The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) plans to introduce Managed Lanes on I-66 outside the Capital Beltway, These lanes will provide express service for high-occupancy vehicle traffic, rapid bus service, and toll paying traffic. Foursquare ITP’s role in this study was to develop a commuter bus plan for the new lanes along with TDM solutions for the corridor. This entailed conducting market research, documenting existing conditions for transit and Transportation Demand Management (TDM), analyzing and collecting data, developing an understanding of future conditions in the corridor, creating scenarios for transit and TDM services for I-66, and finalizing a preferred alternative. Transit service recommendations include an extensive, multi-jurisdiction express commuter bus service to operate in the Managed Lanes, served by an interconnected network of support facilities, such as park-and-ride lots and other station-type facilities. TDM strategies developed specifically for the I-66 corridor will supplement ongoing TDM efforts in the region, including those in Fairfax County and Prince William County. Recommended TDM policies promote the use of new I-66 transit service and park-and-ride infrastructure and incentives target new transit users, employers in the corridor, and new vanpool/carpool users.