The staff consistently deliver with such a high level of professionalism and an exceptional work product. The Title VI Program Development task is simply the latest of the many tasks that have exceeded expectations, especially considering the time and communication constraints FITP staff were working under, specifically during the holidays in mid-late December.
Tom Hewitt, Director of Service Development, Maryland Transit Administration

Foursquare ITP led the Maryland Transit Administration (MTA) in developing a new Title VI Program. Fourquare ITP developed several portions of the general requirements, while providing guidance, direction, and review of the remaining program elements to MTA staff throughout the agency to meet an extremely aggressive deadline on-time and on-budget. We developed the Language Access Plan, service area profile, and documented public outreach for the public participation plan. Foursquare ITP worked with all five modes to develop the transit service standards and policies and service monitoring, and provided training to senior staff on how to conduct the monitoring on an ongoing basis. We also provided guidance on how and when to apply Title VI Equity Analysis to facilities.