Foursquare ITP served as the prime consultant assisting the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board (COG/TPB) in oversight and management of 15 projects implemented by six separate agencies, all conducted under a regional $58.8 million TIGER grant. Foursquare ITP provided assistance and oversight to all six project owners – DDOT, WMATA, City of Alexandria, PRTC, MD MTA and MD SHA – to ensure that all federal requirements related to use of the TIGER grant funds were met. After five years of oversight and assistance, the grant funds were completely expended and the projects implemented by September 2016. The grant funded transit improvements on eight bus priority corridors, including transit signal priority, queue jump lanes, and bus only lanes, as well as improvements at several transit centers. Foursquare ITP worked with COG/TPB and the sub-grantees, in close coordination with the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), to ensure that all federal procurement, expenditure, and reporting regulations were met. Foursquare ITP played a key role in leading coordination of the project owners (sub-grantees) to ensure that the various implementing agencies are working in coordination, such as assisting on joint transit signal priority procurements and real-time passenger information signs.