I greatly appreciated the team's flexibility as tasks morphed throughout the project. Additionally, the energy and dedication brought into the public engagement was a key critical component of the study.
- Jason Lawrence, Project Manager, Charlotte Area Transit System

The Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) commissioned this study to analyze transit alternatives for the southeastern Charlotte area in concert with the implementation of managed lanes along the Independence Boulevard (US-74) corridor. Foursquare ITP’s role on the project was to develop the managed lane bus service plan, develop the feeder bus service integration plan for the proposed light rail extension, and to lead the public outreach. We evaluated CATS’ 16 existing bus routes operating along and intersecting with the corridor, including route performance, overcrowding, on-time performance, transfers, and service levels. We conducted our multi-variable transit propensity analysis to define areas of high transit-oriented populations, commuter populations, employment destinations, and non-work trip generators. Our team developed a service plan for all 16 routes, proposing stop consolidation, use of managed lanes for express routes, and restructuring of the routes intersecting Independence Boulevard, the light rail corridor. The plan will maximize the use of managed lanes, increase transit connectivity along the corridor, and increase CATS ridership. Throughout the effort, our team led a multi-phased outreach effort targeting existing transit users and interested participants. Approximately 400 individuals learned about the plan, participated in trade-off exercises, and shared feedback.