Serving the Virginia Tech campus and its surrounds, Blacksburg Transit (BT) carries over 3.5 million passengers per year. One of the most efficient university transit systems in the nation, BT aimed to redesign its system around a new Multi-Modal Transit Facility (MMTF) and address the problem of pass-by riders—potential passengers left at stops when buses reach capacity. Foursquare ITP studied the demand in and around Blacksburg of residential and student populations and reviewed frequency of service on each transit corridor at the segment level. To further illuminate our quantitative analysis, the project team captured qualitative data via a comprehensive survey of Blacksburg residents and the Virginia Tech community of students, faculty, and staff. Ultimately, we designed a service plan with a system of routes emanating from the MMTF that devote resources to areas of greatest need while providing a greater level of coverage to the town as a whole. We also created a Language Assistance Plan (LAP) in compliance with BT’s Title VI Program, informed by stakeholder and staff interviews, bus operator surveys, and service area demographics. Additionally, we developed a Partnership Plan to aid BT in identifying and approaching potential partners using a four-tiered approach of relationship building, communicating value and need, sharing costs, and maximizing revenue.