Foursquare ITP is the prime consultant assisting the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board (COG/TPB) in conducting performance monitoring of 15 projects that were implemented by six separate agencies, all conducted under a regional $58.8 million TIGER grant. As a condition of the ARRA TIGER grant, upon collection of the data a “before” report for each project has been developed, and two “after” reports will be developed for each project, one after it has been operational for one year and one after two years. The reports show the impacted bus service, track ridership, passenger loads, bus travel time, and other aspects of the service to enable the reporting of how the projects impact these measures over time and as a result of the project implementation. Foursquare ITP has been working with all regional and location transit providers, collecting and analyzing performance data including, depending on the project: transit passenger miles and hours of travel; transit passenger counts (boardings by stop, average load, and screenline counts); transit facility counts; transit rider characteristics; transit service level; facility service level; annual average hourly vehicle travel time; bus speeds and on-time performance, and pedestrian crash rates by type/severity.