Foursquare ITP worked with Montgomery County to develop a pedestrian safety outreach program in parking lots. The program launched in November 2013 under the County Executive’s strategic plan, “Reducing Pedestrian Collisions in Parking Lots and Garages.” Foursquare ITP assisted with crash and data analysis, developed partnerships with retail property managers, and spread awareness of the “Heads Up in Parking Lots” campaign through social media. Our team analyzed countywide parking lot pedestrian crash data from 2009-2012 which was then geocoded and mapped. These locations were cross-referenced with a comprehensive list of Montgomery County’s retail shopping centers, apartment, county facilities, and hospital parking lots to identify their commercial location. After identifying the proper locations, the 40 parking lots with the highest number of collisions became the focus of the campaign. Foursquare ITP obtained property manager and real estate company contact information for the 40 targeted parking lots, and contacted them to ask them to partner with the county on the campaign.