Foursquare ITP conducted two analyses of collisions involving motor vehicles and pedestrians at parking lots in Montgomery County, Maryland. The data used for both analyses was Montgomery County’s Maryland Automated Accident Reporting System (MAARS) system  from calendar years 2009 to 2013.

The first Montgomery County parking lot safety analysis, analyzed and compared the incidents involving the collision of motor vehicles and pedestrians that occurred in surface parking lots and parking garages located in Montgomery County. The analysis focused on the details of each incident, including the time and date, the location, driver demographics, number and types of injuries sustained, as well as other key factors. A total of 484 incidents were analyzed.

Foursquare ITP subsequently conducted a detailed analysis of the parking lot that had the highest number of motor vehicle-pedestrian collisions, Milestone Shopping Center in Germantown, Maryland. This analysis examined the detailed the circumstances and causes, contributing factors, fault, and month, day, and time of day to understand when and how these collisions were occurring.