Image by Vanpool Alliance

Foursquare ITP developed a concept and business plan for a vanpool program in Northern Virginia that subsequently began operation in fall 2013. As of December 2017, had 665 participating vans logging 59 million annual passenger miles over 1.3 million individual passenger trips. As part of this project, we worked with key stakeholders to assess the viability of a multi-region vanpool program in Northern Virginia and the Fredericksburg areas. Our work included an extensive best practice review and examination of the range of factors and possible incentives to determine possible vanpool markets in terms of trip origins and destinations, travel time savings, and cost.  We worked with current vanpool providers to determine what type of program would work for them, and with several agencies and jurisdictions to determine the best operational structure and home for the program. Finally, Foursquare ITP developed a multi-region vanpool program business plan, including the identification of an administrative structure that delineated roles and activities, incorporating existing agencies and performance objectives for the program to follow. The business plan also detailed all costs, anticipated revenues, and included a pro forma cash flow analysis that was used to successfully secure $3.5 million in state funding to implement the program.