Foursquare ITP led the development of needs assessments, service plans, and financial plans for ten agencies in Minnesota as part of Minnesota DOT’s (MnDOT’s) initiative to develop five-year transit system plans for all non-urban providers in the state. Many of the agencies with whom Foursquare ITP worked provide primarily demand response service in more rural parts of the state. To develop these plans, our staff met with providers and conducted detailed analyses of service and performance data to identify where to increase service to meet community needs, as well as where service could be reduced or streamlined to achieve greater operating efficiency. For each recommendation, we identified the capital, agency capacity, and other requirements for implementation. The providers’ needs varied, so we worked with each to identify and conduct additional analyses to develop five-year plan recommendations – for example, a staffing analysis to identify whether the agencies were adequately staffed, both overall and with respect to specific functions such as vehicle maintenance, compared to peer agencies and national data. The five-year system plans will be used in coming years to inform investment decisions made by MnDOT and the providers.