The agency’s strategic plan and supporting detailed action plan details the internal and external steps needed to implement agency-wide improvements in preparation for a new regional high-frequency bus network. In order to successfully implement its largest project in a decade, HRT asked Foursquare ITP to conduct a series of bi-annual, two-day senior executive retreats and work sessions to identify baseline improvements that need to be made, challenges and solutions to successful implementation of the new network, ensure collaboration across departments, and continuously update plans and action steps to strategically plan and prepare for the new, expanded transit service. Our team developed interactive work sessions at each bi-annual retreat based on input from pre-retreat senior executive interviews and staff focus groups, as well as proven methods for collaborative problem solving. Following each retreat we consolidated the results into an actionable plan that includes detailed steps in the areas of management and oversight, communications, planning, operations, facilities, human resources, safety and security, and technology.

The effort resulted in recommendations and an action plan for comprehensive improvements across the agency to both improve the baseline and prepare for and implement a new high-frequency regional transit system. HRT also adopted a project management system that is allowing the senior executive team and project managers to assign tasks, track progress, and hold one another accountable for implementing the improvements identified.