Foursquare ITP is evaluating a proposed Enhanced Bus Service corridor in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley region that will connect Allentown with Bethlehem and other major activity centers. We are developing recommendations for services that interact with the corridor, as well as schedules, blocks, and run-cuts for the implementation of the new services. This will include detailing interlining possibilities that will enhance the efficiency of the related services.

To inform our recommendations, we performed a route analysis on all Lanta routes that interact with the corridor, assessing performance and capacity at the route and corridor level. In conjunction with our innovative Transit Propensity Tool and our high-frequency multimodal analysis, we evaluated quantitative and qualitative data to develop final alignments for the Enhanced Bus Service and feeder routes. Our recommended service plan will address the community’s and corridor’s transit needs.

The final phase of this project will include an extensive outreach campaign that will reach out to stakeholders and the general public to obtain feedback on the recommendations and eventually educate the public on the new services before implementation.