The Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority (EPTA) operates in Berkeley and Jefferson Counties, serving the City of Martinsburg and surrounding region. Foursquare ITP managed this study and led the technical components of the Transit Development Plan, conducting route analyses, a peer review, transit propensity analysis, performance analysis, and service plan development. Our team reshaped EPTA’s system, offering a greater service area with expanded service levels, as well as more direct services between residential areas and generators with highest need. To accompany the transit service plan, we developed a capital improvement plan addressing vehicle needs and amenities, a marketing plan for its ongoing rebranding effort, and monitoring program for the life of the TDP. Post-implementation passenger trips increased by 18 percent to 73,000 in the quarter following implementation. Following the TDP’s initial success, Foursquare ITP continues to collaborate with EPTA on a transfer center relocation study and new routes to serve a new major employer.