This Transit Development Plan for the Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority (EPTA) was the second TDP completed for this transit agency by Foursquare ITP, with the successfully implemented recommendations from the first resulting in a transit renaissance throughout the region. The recommendations from this TDP will help to further expand the geographic reach of the system, while also simplifying the existing services to help make them easier to understand. We developed a detailed phased priority plan that will assist the agency to reasonably and systematically implement the recommended service and operational changes, all of which will help continue to grow EPTA’s transit ridership.

The project’s engagement efforts had to be redeveloped due to complications presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. All in-person public and stakeholder engagements were canceled with a new emphasis placed towards on-line activities. Foursquare ITP developed a short video presentation that first explained the data analysis process and findings, and then presented the service and capital recommendations with easy to digest maps and graphics, along with a proposed priority list for the recommendations. The video was uploaded to EPTA’s and the Hagerstown/Eastern Panhandle Metropolitan Planning Organization (HEPMPO)’s webpages and Facebook sites, and shared through various media and social media outlets. Viewers were asked to provide comments and questions regarding their thoughts towards the recommendations and the prioritization.