Foursquare ITP played a primary role in the management and development of Fairfax County’s ten-year Comprehensive Transit Plan (CTP) and six-year, state-required Transit Development Plan (TDP). We developed the existing conditions and route analysis and played a key role on many elements of the plan, including all GIS mapping, analysis of the existing system, analysis of strategic transit connections within and outside the county, service planning, development of the operations and capital cost calculations, and financial planning. Foursquare ITP also led and conducted all elements of the outreach program to ensure that the recommendations were not only data-driven but incorporated input from a broad range of residents, stakeholder and elected officials. This complete analysis of and plan for transit services in the County formed the basis for the next ten years of bus service in the County, which Foursquare ITP used to develop all elements of the state-required TDP.