The purpose of this study is to investigate the feasibility, needed infrastructure improvements, and potential operating policies for bus lanes within the Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) fixed route service area. The study will consider bus only lanes, shared bus/parking lanes and shared bus/bike lanes in Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) and other transit corridors in CDTA’s service area. Foursquare ITP is leading all aspects of this study to investigate the feasibility of bus lanes throughout greater Albany. The study will produce concept designs at five locations focusing on an implementable tactical approach. 

As shown here, as part of the study Foursquare ITP is creating concept designs of potential BRT stations and bus lanes at various locations. These concept designs show stakeholders and the general public how bus lanes and BRT stations could function in the Capital District by clearly illustrating passenger amenities, station and bus lane configurations, and BRT operating characteristics in their respective neighborhood contexts.

Additionally, Foursquare ITP is creating a “Bike and Bus Priority Toolbox” to support the study by providing stakeholders with simple, straightforward illustrations and summaries of common bike and bus priority treatments and their benefits. The toolbox’s goal is to empower stakeholders – especially transit riders – by succinctly showing how the various bike and bus priority treatments can bring both transit reliability and urban design benefits to their communities. The toolbox will be particularly useful in communicating the value of various bike and bus priority treatments at public outreach events.