Foursquare ITP created the existing and future conditions, developed the needs analysis, and worked with stakeholders to develop a vision, goals and objectives for a countywide transit system. This also included developing performance measures and standards that were applied across the project. Our team developed a policy framework and performance methodology for prioritizing transit investment, two authority governance structures to operate new services, and an implementation and financial plan that illustrated two millage scenarios based upon jurisdictional participation. The final product includes a detailed service plan of proposed on-demand operations, as well as a complementary ADA paratransit strategy. Our team completed a comprehensive stakeholder engagement element for this project, and public outreach that included a detailed project website, an online survey, pop-up events and multiple focus groups. Public engagement events included meeting the customers in their community hubs such as the local hospital, general store, and county fair. We set up a booth at the week-long county fair in the summer where we were able to engage the public with materials, activities, and focused discussion about transportation issues and solutions.