BaltimoreLink is a multi-phase plan that has reconceived all local and express buses serving Baltimore to create an interconnected transit system. The backbone of the system is the CityLink network of routes, consisting of 12 high-frequency, higher speed, color-coded bus routes to improve travel times, provide more connections to jobs, and increase transfer possibilities to other transit modes. The plan improves suburb-to-suburb transit options via additional crosstown services and new crosstown express routes. Local feeder routes provide coverage throughout the system and support CityLink and crosstown bus routes, as well as MTA’s Metro Subway and Light Rail services. In addition to developing the service alignments and levels of service, we provided scheduling and service development assistance, along with all mapping and GTFS feeds and bus stop sequencing. The BaltimoreLink plan improves bus stop and wayfinding signage and provides additional resources and materials to make the system more user-friendly, including new bus stop signs that list each route; Foursquare ITP worked closely with the signage team to provide the route information for each of nearly 6,500 bus stops. We also supported the transit hubs team, provided input on the operations needs of several new transfer facilties, and supported the Transit Signal Priority and Bus Lanes teams in prioritizing locations based on service levels. Foursquare ITP also conducted Title VI service equity analysis to measure and address impacts of the transit network redesign on minority and low-income populations, and has led all public outreach on the project as well as an extensive “in-reach” program to MTA bus operators, maintenance staff, and other front-line employees.