Foursquare ITP is responsible for developing the 2019, 2020, and 2021 Atlanta-Region Transit Link Authority (ATL)’s Annual Report and Audit, which covers federally funded transit operators in the 13-county ATL region. The Annual Report and Audit addresses system performance, operational performance, financial structure, service provision, maintenance and state of good repair, safety, and planning activities during the fiscal year covered by the Annual Report and Audit, as well as for the previous four years, in order to show trends over time. The Annual Report and Audit includes information about individual service providers in the ATL region as well as transit system performance information aggregated to the regional level. The report focuses on the quality of service, operational efficiency, and financial soundness.

To identify how best to demonstrate performance with respect to key performance areas, the Foursquare ITP team undertook a rigorous process to identify potential Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) at the outset of the project and then, as data from each of the region’s transit service providers was collected, refined the KPI list to reflect actual data availability in the region. The Foursquare ITP team held two workshops in October 2019 with ATL board members and staff from the region’s transit providers, respectively, to review and vet the potential KPIs and also consider which ones best reflect both the region’s transportation and transit goals, as well as broader community goals including economic competitiveness and livability.

The Annual Report and Audit not only provides information regarding transit performance in the region, but also includes benchmarking against peer regions and identification of potential strategies and investments to enhance transit system performance. The most recent Annual Report and Audit is available at:


2019 Annual Report and Audit

2019 Annual Report and Audit Executive Summary

2020 Annual Report and Audit

2021 Annual Report and Audit

2021 Annual Report and Audit Dashboard