Foursquare ITP staff has extensive experience in developing, analyzing, and implementing TDM plans and programs. Foursquare ITP has worked on developing and implementing plans for non-transit alternative modes, including vanpools and car sharing. We have developed TDM strategic plans and work plans for Arlington County, Virginia's award-winning TDM programs and worked with the Commuter Services division to plan TDM programs through a similar approach as we do for transit, thereby assisting them in obtaining ongoing funding sources. In addition to Foursquare ITP's work, our president has previously worked as a transportation coordinator with primary responsibility for developing and promiting alternative transportation modes for 3,000 employees as a result of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments. She has developed, implemented, and managed the first car sharing program in the nation for a rail transit system, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA).


Representative Projects:

Transit-Oriented Development Beyond the Quarter Mile for the City of Falls Church
Foursquare ITP identified how Transportation Demand Management (TDM) Strategies can be employed to extend transit-oriented development beyond the traditional quarter-mile radius in order to allow Falls Church to accommodate new development in the City white minimizing additional traffic.

Transportation Planning Support for DoD WHS
Foursquare ITP is providing transportation demand management (TDM) and transit planning support to the Transportation Management Program Office of Washington Headquarters Services (WHS) at the Pentagon and Mark Center.

Multi-Region Vanpool Incentive Program
Foursquare ITP worked with the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) and other key stakeholders to assess the viability of a multi-region vanpool program in Northern Virginia and the Fredericksburg areas. 

TDM Strategy and Six-Year Plan for Arlington County
Foursquare ITP worked with Arlington County, Virginia to develop its first comprehensive plan to focus and improve upon an already nationally-recognized TDM program.

TDM Planning and Marketing for Montgomery County
Foursquare ITP worked with Montgomery County, Maryland to improve the marketing program for their transit subsidy program and other TDM programs.