Foursquare ITP incorporates robust public and stakeholder engagement into our transit planning projects as a key factor for project success. We specialize in dynamic, flexible, and focused outreach that engages a diverse group of stakeholders and community members, yielding innovative ideas and solutions for transportation agencies of all sizes.

Our approach to public outreach focuses on three things:

We believe that public outreach is a vital step in the process of improving public transportation: helping to generate new ideas, refine existing services and systems, and build consensus among a diverse set of stakeholders. Our passion for outreach as a component of transportation planning enlivens our work and is evident in our award-winning projects. 


Representative Projects

Foursquare ITP created a Public Participation Plan for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) which went beyond the basic Title VI requirements. In addition to utilizing innovative methods to reach minority, low-income, and limited English proficient populations, we created a toolkit for all future outreach and a set of organizational change recommendations to standardize WMATA’s public outreach processes. The Authority has since incorporated this toolkit into their outreach programs and policies. The Plan received the American Planning Association Merit Award for Community Outreach and Engagement.  

Fairfax County TDP
As part of crafting the County’s 2015 Transit Development Plan, Foursquare ITP created a robust and diverse public outreach program in order to understand rider concerns and solicit feedback on proposed changes to the County’s bus network. Outreach events combined more traditional efforts, such as focus groups and workshops, with more informal events, including pop-ups, online Question and Answer sessions, and social media outreach. 

MTA Bus Network Improvement Project & BaltimoreLink
In addition to leading the complete bus network redesign for Baltimore for Maryland Transit Administration’s (MTA) Bus Network Improvement Project (BNIP), later BaltimoreLink, Foursquare ITP led public outreach campaigns to gather input on proposed bus route changes in the Baltimore region. We partnered with the MTA’s Office of Community Relations to conduct a series of public workshops and pop-up events designed to introduce the community to the project, ask for preferences on potential service changes, and gain input on the draft network restricting plan. For these outreach efforts, we created and administered MTA’s MindMixer (later mySidewalk) site, which provided an opportunity for community members to join the project conversation through MTA’s website using either a computer or mobile device. Community feedback from this campaign directly informed the proposed service planning recommendations for the bus network.

WMATA “Love Your Bus Stop” Campaign
Foursquare ITP developed this outreach campaign to help WMATA prioritize spending for a $1.9 million bus livability grant. The “Love Your Bus Stop” campaign reached out directly to WMATA’s diverse constituents at bus stops, community festivals, and other high traffic public spaces, with a special focus on gathering feedback from Title VI and low income populations. Over 2,700 people completed the campaign’s amenity preference survey; of those respondents, over half were minority, 25 percent were low-income, and 21 percent spoke either limited or no English. We worked collaboratively with WMATA to maintain a robust marketing campaign, including radio PSAs, social media tools (including Facebook and Twitter), and bus advertising. Using community feedback from the campaign, Foursquare ITP developed a tool to help WMATA allocate its bus livability grant funding.