Foursquare ITP specializes in transit planning, regional long-range transportation planning, transportation demand management planning and implementation, strategic planning and performance measurement, bike share feasibility studies and business plans, bicycle and pedestrian planning, station access planning, and Title VI plan development and environmental justice analysis.

Within transit planning, the firm's focus areas include transit access and station area planning, operations planning, alternatives analysis, bus transit priority studies, and transit development plans. Foursquare ITP's focus areas within regional transportation planning include stakeholder, inter- and intra-agency coordination, transportation needs assessment, long range multi-modal planning, and strategic planning. The company has conducted a range of transportation plans, including long-range regional multimodal plans, transportation demand management plans, and transportation agency and program financial plans. Foursquare ITP is also well known for developing performance-based strategic plans, focusing on defining measurable objectives and following up with setting performance measures and standards.