Founded in 2006, Foursquare ITP provides innovative transportation solutions that are practical, focused, and implementable. Our work is data-driven and informed by meaningful public and stakeholder engagement. We are an award-winning woman-owned small business headquartered in Rockville, Maryland with a satellite office in Boston.


Foursquare means "marked by boldness or conviction." We uphold values of forthrightness and integrity in our intereactions with our clients, colleagues, and the communities we serve. Integrated Transportation Planning refers to our collaborative process, driven by a systems perspective recognizing the multi-modal, regional, and coordinated nature of our practice areas.

Most of our work falls into these areas:

Regional & Corridor Planning | Transit Service Planning | Transit Operations Planning | Public & Stakeholder Engagement | Bike Share / Pedestrian & Bicycle Planning | Transportation Demand Management | Strategic Planning, Performance Measurement & Economic Analysis | Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Compliance for National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA) & Title VI Analysis